Monday, October 12, 2015

Here comes my...woman

Instead of the prince coming to save the day....this scene has a woman swinging in from a star.  I want to make some more castle themed pieces....this one was really fun!

Bird man

My friend, Roberta asked me to make some art work for her brother.  She told me he loves sitting on his porch with all his bird feeders around him. She pictures him with arms outstretched and with birds perched on him.  This is what her description resulted in!


I thought about the sweet, gentle soul of my young friend Ben while I was making this. I gave it to his parents who are equally as gentle and wonderful. It was the only way I could express to them the way I see Ben continuing on in the lives of those who love him. 
 way I see

Flower Circles

I guess I really like circles.  I saw some art that I liked and wanted to do a piece with multiple circles. There are real pressed flowers and leaves in the circles. It looks more yellow in this picture than it is in "real life".


A book mark for my same friend, Anya.


This is my interpretation of the view from Route 7 when driving up a small hill and then crest to see this view of Lake Champlain windowed by trees with the beautiful mountains behind it.  This scene reminds me of the Hudson River when I spent summers and one year in New York. I love this view and it is one that I will always love about Vermont. I don't think I could even dream about recreating it. There's no competing with nature.

Sewing Hummingbird

I made this for my beautiful friend, Anya.  She loves to sew and quilt and that is how I came up with this piece.  The actual one I gave her doesn't have the pattern paper under the hummingbird. It has 4 different squares of paper that I sewed together like a quilt. I forgot to take a picture  once I refinished it.

The Road goes ever on

My friend Stacey bought the first piece I did about end of life and I wanted to make another variation of it. I started thinking about The Hobbit and how the different characters sail away on the boat when they reach the end of their life. The quote is by Tolkien. 

Mr. moon

 This is made from an old clock that no longer worked.  The perfect shape for a mixed media moon!
the stamping on bottom right is "lunar time".

Crenelated Hearts reworked

This is a reworking of an earlier piece I did about being a nurse. I didn't like the way it looked originally but really like the theme. I'm much happier with this version. The wagon the nurse is pulling is filled with 1)tiny clocks for time 2)storybooks- each one has a different person's name on it to symbolize their story and 3)hearts because there is a lot of heart needed for this profession! Thus the "time.story.heart" stamped at the bottom. I have it hanging at the Respite House where I work. 

Butterfly Girls II

More butterfly girls!  I am so excited that the first butterfly girls art that I made actually sold at The Art Hop.  I loved it so I thought I would make another.  This one has the baby in the cocoon up in the right corner and there is a little girl butterfly in the top left-resting in a leaf hammock. The two main girls look so proper....I thought they should be having tea.

Siren de la Mer

Siren de la Mer
I thought I would try a mermaid piece since I've always had fun with fairies or butterfly girls. The vintage photos of women that I find fit so perfectly with the mermaid life!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Succulent art I made my daughter for her birthday.  I photographed it in my art space which I think looks neat.  It has a glossy cover over the plants because it is supposed to be a terrarium with glass cover.

Diggy dog

 Diggy, my friend Mary's pug.  He travels all around with her on her travel nursing assignments. He could have his own blog! Mary came to our Hospice house and was instantly loved by our team. So happy she is coming back-but I made this for her to say thank you when her first assignment ended. xo

Awed by her splendor

I love hot air balloons in art and I love swirls and circles and celestial bodies.  All are together in this piece-  plus some cute owls enjoying the balloon ride.  I love the quote on the balloon and have been holding onto it for awhile to use.


Artwork that I did for my friend from Jr. High, Casey Schmidt.  She is got all the leukemia cells out of her body and is going through rounds of chemotherapy to makes sure none are left hiding somewhere. She was beautiful in Jr high and is beautiful now!

Garden collage

A collage I made from flowers from my garden-photographed by my daughter.  I had the prints enlarged and cut the flowers out and collaged them. So fun! It's framed so please excuse the glare and my elbows in the reflection!

Rooftops of Burlington

Rooftops of Burlington VT.  I photographed all the beautiful building tops in my city and then watercolored them.  They aren't all lined up together like this downtown but I wanted to make a cityscape of them all together.

Circles in Nature

Friday, April 10, 2015


The miniature art with theme of Black, White, Red and Gray that I did for Paper Artsy's #3UP challenge!

Sunday, March 29, 2015


This is for my beautiful friend Addie who just had a baby.  She does spread beauty wherever she goes-and grows so many things so, veggies, and adorable babies!
The picture isn't the greatest because I took it in the car on my way to deliver it to her....I realized I hadn't taken a picture at the last minute.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


 Hummingbirds!  The nests are 3D mixed media and the birds and trees are watercolor.
 I found a poem by Mary Oliver that spoke to me about this piece.  There are a lot of things going on in this one-it probably can mean different things to different people.

The poem reads:
The deed took all  my heart.
I did not think of you,
Not till the thing was done.
I put my sword away,
And then no more the cold
And perfect fury ran
Along my narrow bones,
And then no more black
And dripping corridors
Held anywhere the shape
That I had come to slay.
Then for the first time,
I saw in the cave's belly
The dark and clotted webs,
The green and sucking pools,
the rank and crumbling walls,
the maze of passages.
And I thought then
Of the spring sun
Of the far earth,
And the slow wind,
And a young girl.
And I looked at the white thread,
hunting the minotaur
I was no common man
And had no need of love.
I trailed the shining thread
behind me for a vow,
And did not think of you.
it lay there, like a sign.
Coiled on the bull's great hoof
And back into the world.
Half blind with weariness
I touched the thread and wept.
O, it was frail as air
And I turned then
With the white spool,
Through the cold rocks,
Through the black rocks,
Through the long webs,
And the mist fell,
And the webs clung,
And the rocks tumbled,
And the earth shook,
And the thread held.

mary oliver

Monday, March 2, 2015

Mini hummingbird

My first mini art for the miniature art challenge.   I love to water color hummingbirds and wanted a pretty flower in the picture.  I found this pretty lace one so I didn't end up making the paper flower but plan to do so in another piece.

Think Spring

 Thinking about Spring inspired me to make this piece.  I imagined the owls in snowy trees seeing another owl bringing Spring, harnessed by a big net, to them! I altered Sylvia Plath's quote substituting Spring for soul. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Mind flower

 The mind and the releasing of all the thoughts inside our heads.  The flower on the top left is actually made of 3 anatomical drawings of the brain.  The tendrils from it are reaching out and grabbing on to everything.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mind heart body

 This is about the mind, heart and body connection and how the influence of all three affects how people touch the world.  The pictures are of my children but I wanted to represent any person so I blurred their faces with design images.  It is hard to see (from the picture) the anatomical heart that is being held over the chest in the photo on the far right.  I entered this artwork in the Country view Challenges contest for "Anything Goes".

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Black and White

This is a black and white challenge piece.  It doesn't look as good in the photo as it does in reality because you can't see the snow glitter! The trees are birch trees if you can't tell.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Hattie & Hattie

I made this for my sister who named her dog (one of her most favorite things in the world) after Hattie McDaniel from her favorite movie Gone With the Wind.  I thought it would be neat for the two Hatties to get together for a picnic!

Crenelated hearts

This is my expression of nursing.  From our crenelated hearts

to the healing touch that starts from the beginning and circles around to the very last moment

caring for and loving people of all kinds-in their weakest moments.

Monday, February 2, 2015


I created this for my friend, Elly.   

Grand Menagerie

This is my expression of women and how we are kind of shot into the world and then do all the tumbling and turning to figure out who we are and juggle many things along the way. 

It also expresses how we are all the same in that we all are curiosities in our own way...juggling the same issues and making up one big menagerie of difference and sameness.

The images in this art work are from the book Shelburne Museum Circus Collection by Kory Rogers