Saturday, September 5, 2015


Succulent art I made my daughter for her birthday.  I photographed it in my art space which I think looks neat.  It has a glossy cover over the plants because it is supposed to be a terrarium with glass cover.

Diggy dog

 Diggy, my friend Mary's pug.  He travels all around with her on her travel nursing assignments. He could have his own blog! Mary came to our Hospice house and was instantly loved by our team. So happy she is coming back-but I made this for her to say thank you when her first assignment ended. xo

Awed by her splendor

I love hot air balloons in art and I love swirls and circles and celestial bodies.  All are together in this piece-  plus some cute owls enjoying the balloon ride.  I love the quote on the balloon and have been holding onto it for awhile to use.


Artwork that I did for my friend from Jr. High, Casey Schmidt.  She is got all the leukemia cells out of her body and is going through rounds of chemotherapy to makes sure none are left hiding somewhere. She was beautiful in Jr high and is beautiful now!

Garden collage

A collage I made from flowers from my garden-photographed by my daughter.  I had the prints enlarged and cut the flowers out and collaged them. So fun! It's framed so please excuse the glare and my elbows in the reflection!

Rooftops of Burlington

Rooftops of Burlington VT.  I photographed all the beautiful building tops in my city and then watercolored them.  They aren't all lined up together like this downtown but I wanted to make a cityscape of them all together.

Circles in Nature