Saturday, December 31, 2016

New home-new art space

Yay! My new art space! Right in front of a window! I looooove it. I did realize that I can use more light when the sun goes down-duh. I was so excited about having sunlight that I didn't even think about the night hours. 

Scatter Joy Art Show

I forgot to post about this awesome event! The Scatter Joy Center for the Arts is an adorable space in an old barn.  I love going in there and I also had a fabulous time attending their wreath making workshop in December. The director Bill and his partner Linda are so kind and welcoming. I am so thankful to have made a connection with them and with the center.

Someone viewing the artwork I had on display..... so many talented artists were there! I felt so honored to have been accepted at this show! 

Longwood Gardens

This is from our trip to Longwood Gardens this summer.  It was such a nice trip and we got to see the light show which everyone should see some time. Our biggest memory of the trip, now, is that I almost (well did) drive off of the road.  My mom needed help with navigation and apparently I turn the wheel in the direction my eyes are looking! Anyway... it was a really nice evening and I took lots of pictures of the Children's Garden.  Perhaps I put too many features of the garden on one canvas but there was so much art and beauty there! The top left is the stone dragon that had mist coming out of his mouth with an eerie purple light in the back of it. There are the bird statues and the pelican fountain-it has a fish coming out of it's mouth and that is what sprays water. There are the beautiful lily pads-they looked amazing lit up from beneath. On the top right are the golden bugs that are on one of the walls and on the bottom right are the giant purple spiders.  This canvas was originally another piece of art that included pressed flowers from my VT garden. I didn't like the way it turned out so I reused it.  There is a lot going on in the piece above-and I didn't even include all the features of the garden! 
Happy New Year-I'm waiting for some inspiration for new pieces of art.  If I don't have a purpose for something then I'm not as inspired. I don't need to have stacks of canvases all piled up in my house! If anyone is reading this-give me some ideas! 

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mother Nature is the best artist

We recently went to Longwood Gardens nightscape show. It is so beautiful! I wish we planned to go a bit earlier so we could view the gardens in the daytime and then also see the nightscape shows. I am so inspired by the Children's Garden that I want to do some art based on it.

There are so many other beautiful sights there! 
One doesn't have to go to a destination cultivated for natural beauty, however. Here are two pictures of beautiful natural art that my daughter and I love to look out when we go down the steps outside of our apartment every day. 

This is on the sidewalk! How amazing is that?! 

Today is a beautiful day in PA despite the weather people's 
 warning about side effects of the hurricane on the coast. I'm hopeful that people on the coast and anywhere else that is under watch are safe. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

New Art

I've made some new art since moving to PA.  I have a whole new space in my bedroom which I love. There isn't much natural light in there-but there's more than my other little "studio" had which was none!  I have a desk thanks to my sister (her old one) and to my parents (who stored it in their garage).  My dad is happy it is gone because he has space in his garage for his "gym".  I have a beautiful cubby shelf that was given to me by my friend, Anya. I love it!
This isn't the best picture. As I said, not a lot of light.  

The first pieces of art I created are for a show at the Main Line Art Center.

They are requesting entries for art to be purchased with proceeds going to their scholarship program and their program for people living with disabilities. I love this! All artwork is 8x8 and the artist's name is not on the front.  The purchaser will only know who did the art once they've bought it and can turn it over to find out.  That is exciting because the studio is planning to have artwork donated by local celebrities and artists. Anyway, here are the three 8x8 pieces I am submitting. 
The 3 Sisters

I already posted these on my fb page so anyone who happened to see them and then is now reading this blog (you sure are a sweet person to care enough to read this far!) these aren't new.....
I am still working on faces so I know I have a long way to go to improve. I'd love any tips if anyone has any! I do like how they all came out different but similar....just like true sisters. 

The next new piece I made if for a contest for the Center for Great Apes.

  Anyone who knows me knows I love gorillas. I have been crazy about them since junior high school and wanted to work with them for my career,  Although I have cared for many people who act like they are less evolved than great apes, I missed my chance to actually work with them.   I thought I'd make some art and support a group who is trying to protect them! Here is the piece I did:
It may be hard to see in this picture. The pictures just don't seem to translate from real life to photos to this blog. I think it is the media and how flat alot of the different textures appear via photo. This depicts a mother gorilla in the bottom left-she has a flower and leaf crown. Her 3 babies are in the trees and a poem excerpt by Mary Oliver is on the leaves on the bottom right. I don't think animals are my strength but, as I said, I love anything with gorillas so I had fun with this! I am going to throw in a picture of Honi and her new baby.  She is the new gorilla mom at the Philadelphia Zoo. What great fortune to move here just as she was ready to give birth. We saw her in April, but I haven't been to see her since she delivered her baby. Honi delivered her baby herself-in the viewing area!  What a mom-she was up and moving with the baby within minutes of delivery. 

Thank you to anyone who happens to be reading this blog.  I can imagine it is quite boring to someone who isn't excited about art or gorillas..... maybe you are just a nice soul who is bored and saw my link on my facebook page.  I'd love you to share any artwork or creative work you do with me.... it's so fun to inspire each other. 

First PA Post

It's been so long since I've posted some art.  I don't even know if anyone reads this blog but I enjoy posting anyway.  I've been working on a few different things and I'm having fun with them.  I submitted more art to Stampington Magazine but, again, was not accepted. I will keep trying! I'm going to include some photos from my most recent projects. It's been fun to research galleries and calls to artists in my new community.

This piece is called "So Many Choices".  It was for the paper dolls challenge with Stampington.  I've started to see a pattern that they like submissions that include multiple items following the theme. I've only ever entered one.  The pieces I'm currently working on for "Garden Abundance" will hopefully catch their attention a little more. The message of this paperdoll art is that anyone can try on any personality or style.  The figure to the left is the doll and the items pinned to the clothes line are all the choices-including a man in a vintage suit! 

I am so thrilled that my artwork is going to be included in the Military Veteran's art show at the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts in November. 
I've submitted 4 pieces that I already created, so nothing new that I'm working on now, but they are definitely pieces that I love. I met Bill, who is the Vice President of Operations at the studio, and he was so welcoming and supportive. I love what they are doing for veterans because art is definitely therapeutic and therapy is something very important for veterans! Everyone I have met since we moved to Hatboro has been so genuine and welcoming. I am so thankful! 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

My name is on the window!

I just cannot even believe that my name is on the window of an Art gallery in Waterbury-with other artists who have fabulous work! Thank you, Whitney at Axel's. I was sad to have to take my art down! They have a lovely watercolor show going on now.

Stick your Landing

Stick Your Landing
This piece was created because for the art show I was in at Axel's gallery. Whitney asked me to enter my Grand Menagerie piece but it sold at the Art Hop! Wow!
I decided to make another piece in the style of that one-but a little different. The haiku I wrote is:
Light Seeking
Night Soaring
Jovially Juggling
Stick Your Landing.

Paper Dolls

Paper dolls.
I created this piece for the Somerset Studio's paper doll theme.  I had the idea of a paper doll made of different parts and then a clothesline of outfits/personas that doll could "wear".  There are tabs on the clothes like all the paper dolls that were made before magnet and Velcro ones. The words at the bottom are "so many choices" because there are so many choices at any given time when we can change who we are or who we want to be. We can try on different characteristics and discard if we don't like or keep them if we do!


Balance. The image above is for my friend, Maria.  She requested the theme Balance.  I already had in my mind an image of a woman holding scales so her request fit in perfectly. I used an image transfer of an art nouveau woman and it transferred a bit darker than I wanted. My mom suggested I lighten the area around the woman and that helped to make her more defined. The other words in the scales are also words that Maria suggested-concepts she tries to keep balanced in her life. The picture will need to be viewed more closely to see the details.