Saturday, January 23, 2016

My name is on the window!

I just cannot even believe that my name is on the window of an Art gallery in Waterbury-with other artists who have fabulous work! Thank you, Whitney at Axel's. I was sad to have to take my art down! They have a lovely watercolor show going on now.

Stick your Landing

Stick Your Landing
This piece was created because for the art show I was in at Axel's gallery. Whitney asked me to enter my Grand Menagerie piece but it sold at the Art Hop! Wow!
I decided to make another piece in the style of that one-but a little different. The haiku I wrote is:
Light Seeking
Night Soaring
Jovially Juggling
Stick Your Landing.

Paper Dolls

Paper dolls.
I created this piece for the Somerset Studio's paper doll theme.  I had the idea of a paper doll made of different parts and then a clothesline of outfits/personas that doll could "wear".  There are tabs on the clothes like all the paper dolls that were made before magnet and Velcro ones. The words at the bottom are "so many choices" because there are so many choices at any given time when we can change who we are or who we want to be. We can try on different characteristics and discard if we don't like or keep them if we do!


Balance. The image above is for my friend, Maria.  She requested the theme Balance.  I already had in my mind an image of a woman holding scales so her request fit in perfectly. I used an image transfer of an art nouveau woman and it transferred a bit darker than I wanted. My mom suggested I lighten the area around the woman and that helped to make her more defined. The other words in the scales are also words that Maria suggested-concepts she tries to keep balanced in her life. The picture will need to be viewed more closely to see the details.