Saturday, September 3, 2016

First PA Post

It's been so long since I've posted some art.  I don't even know if anyone reads this blog but I enjoy posting anyway.  I've been working on a few different things and I'm having fun with them.  I submitted more art to Stampington Magazine but, again, was not accepted. I will keep trying! I'm going to include some photos from my most recent projects. It's been fun to research galleries and calls to artists in my new community.

This piece is called "So Many Choices".  It was for the paper dolls challenge with Stampington.  I've started to see a pattern that they like submissions that include multiple items following the theme. I've only ever entered one.  The pieces I'm currently working on for "Garden Abundance" will hopefully catch their attention a little more. The message of this paperdoll art is that anyone can try on any personality or style.  The figure to the left is the doll and the items pinned to the clothes line are all the choices-including a man in a vintage suit! 

I am so thrilled that my artwork is going to be included in the Military Veteran's art show at the Scatter Joy Center for the Arts in November. 
I've submitted 4 pieces that I already created, so nothing new that I'm working on now, but they are definitely pieces that I love. I met Bill, who is the Vice President of Operations at the studio, and he was so welcoming and supportive. I love what they are doing for veterans because art is definitely therapeutic and therapy is something very important for veterans! Everyone I have met since we moved to Hatboro has been so genuine and welcoming. I am so thankful! 

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