Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mother Nature is the best artist

We recently went to Longwood Gardens nightscape show. It is so beautiful! I wish we planned to go a bit earlier so we could view the gardens in the daytime and then also see the nightscape shows. I am so inspired by the Children's Garden that I want to do some art based on it.

There are so many other beautiful sights there! 
One doesn't have to go to a destination cultivated for natural beauty, however. Here are two pictures of beautiful natural art that my daughter and I love to look out when we go down the steps outside of our apartment every day. 

This is on the sidewalk! How amazing is that?! 

Today is a beautiful day in PA despite the weather people's 
 warning about side effects of the hurricane on the coast. I'm hopeful that people on the coast and anywhere else that is under watch are safe. 

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