Saturday, December 31, 2016

New home-new art space

Yay! My new art space! Right in front of a window! I looooove it. I did realize that I can use more light when the sun goes down-duh. I was so excited about having sunlight that I didn't even think about the night hours. 

Scatter Joy Art Show

I forgot to post about this awesome event! The Scatter Joy Center for the Arts is an adorable space in an old barn.  I love going in there and I also had a fabulous time attending their wreath making workshop in December. The director Bill and his partner Linda are so kind and welcoming. I am so thankful to have made a connection with them and with the center.

Someone viewing the artwork I had on display..... so many talented artists were there! I felt so honored to have been accepted at this show! 

Longwood Gardens

This is from our trip to Longwood Gardens this summer.  It was such a nice trip and we got to see the light show which everyone should see some time. Our biggest memory of the trip, now, is that I almost (well did) drive off of the road.  My mom needed help with navigation and apparently I turn the wheel in the direction my eyes are looking! Anyway... it was a really nice evening and I took lots of pictures of the Children's Garden.  Perhaps I put too many features of the garden on one canvas but there was so much art and beauty there! The top left is the stone dragon that had mist coming out of his mouth with an eerie purple light in the back of it. There are the bird statues and the pelican fountain-it has a fish coming out of it's mouth and that is what sprays water. There are the beautiful lily pads-they looked amazing lit up from beneath. On the top right are the golden bugs that are on one of the walls and on the bottom right are the giant purple spiders.  This canvas was originally another piece of art that included pressed flowers from my VT garden. I didn't like the way it turned out so I reused it.  There is a lot going on in the piece above-and I didn't even include all the features of the garden! 
Happy New Year-I'm waiting for some inspiration for new pieces of art.  If I don't have a purpose for something then I'm not as inspired. I don't need to have stacks of canvases all piled up in my house! If anyone is reading this-give me some ideas!