Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Witching Hour

This is a late post about a really neat show in Doylestown.  It was a fun night and I loved viewing all the artwork.  Many of the artists were in attendance and there were also some creative costumes. I feel special to have been a part of this show. The art I displayed is below.
I found this photo at an antique store and couldn't put it down.  This girl spoke to me in an eerie way.  She reminded me of one of my daughter's if she lived another life before her present one. I held on to this picture for a long time before I figured out what her role in the art world would be.  When I look through boxes of old photos I want to release all the people who are captured in time there. I want their existence to be out in the world and not confined to a dusty box. I don't always know where each person's photo will end up so I look at the photos alot.  Some end up in a piece and the rest remain together until their turn arrives.  While these vintage images wait together I like to imagine that they are mingling in a way they never did in real life. 

I created this piece specifically for the show. I am still in my women as vessels phase so I wanted to make one that was spooky. There are many details in this image that I hope you will be able to see if you enlarge the image. The clouds across her eyes are to add an ethereal effect. I wanted her to have an Elizabethan style about her and that is reflected in her collar and head dress. I always loved the wedding dress of Lucy Westinra in the Dracula movie with Winona Ryder. The collar of her dress came to mind while I was creating this piece. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

ICE 19

It's been so long since I've posted something.
 I don't think anyone has noticed though!! :)
I thought I'd share the website for the ICE 19 entries.  This art show is so unique and the artwork submitted is fantastic!

The site is ICE 19
 and this link is to the page that my artwork is featured on. The premise of this show is that the artist can submit collage art for display in the show in New Zealand.  The art then goes to a museum and will be added to their collage collection.  This year the museum is in France! I feel so honored to have a piece of art on display in New Zealand and in France.  All artists who submit also take part in a collage exchange. Minus the piece for the show and for sale, the rest of collages submitted will be shared with other artists.  I'm so excited to see what collage artwork I get in the mail.  Dale Copeland is the curator and artist behind all of this.  She must have so much planning, work and organizing to do around the ICE.  She's done a fabulous job.

Look around at all the "rooms" and enjoy all the many varied collages. Maybe it will inspire you to create your own........

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Art and Wine Festival

  This will be a fun evening.  I'm trying to figure out how to set up my art. My brother in law is graciously lending me some tables.  I'm not sure how to display the art on the tables in a creative but not overly busy way.  I have 11 pieces that I am going to display.....should it be an even number? There's something more quirky about having an odd number.

   I have been trying to decide whether or not to keep my Etsy shop. It has been fun to have but I don't know if I am being overly confident in thinking that my art will sell frequently enough to maintain it on Etsy. I think I've maxed out the kind friends who purchased art when I first opened the shop. I think I will add the last few pieces I've created and then see what happens.

Converge Gallery


   The Converge Gallery in Westport, PA is currently running a show called Zeitgeist. I decided to take a chance and entered my artwork The Harmony of Dark and Light.  I didn't create it with the intention of having a political zeitgeist theme but it fits perfectly.  I am so excited that my art was chosen.  Go to the homepage of the gallery website to see the other art in the exhibit. There are some neat pieces.

Here is the link to the artwork on the Converge Gallery's website:

Statement: Mixed media is always right.  Every texture, layer and color chosen become part of the final piece of art. What doesn’t initially appear right becomes a layer that builds up to the final work of art. The mixed media art I create combines themes of the present and includes pictures of the past.  The combination of the two is compatible because many of the themes of today are not new-they are just a different variation. I believe that art sends messages and speaks to people.  Perhaps a different viewpoint of a familiar theme will speak to someone in an unexpected way.  Who knows where that can lead?

The “The Harmony of Dark and Light” addresses the emotional state of many Americans regarding current political activity.  Perhaps by embracing and nourishing both the dark and the light sides of ourselves and the world in general, we will determine how to move forward so we can all live in a state of harmony. 

3 Vases

Can we speak in flowers.
it will be easier for me to understand.  –Nayyirah Waheed

I always think of women in factors of three. Perhaps it is because I have two sisters.
I definitely think I would understand the world better if we all spoke in flowers. It would be a more peaceful place at least. And our brains would be so pretty.

These 3 vases revealed unique women’s faces as I created them. The floral arrangements in each one are collaged. 

Flower Crown Memorium

Another fun pup with a flower crown.  This is Chance and he was my daughter's teacher's dog.  In the pictures I viewed he looked like a good old man.  My daughter concurred. 

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Floral Bathingcap Bulldog

For some reason I love flower crowns.  I have drawn/collaged them on women and now on a bulldog. I'm trying to come up with an idea that will combine my love of collage crowns, the beauty of women and my favorite  Hopefully the idea in my head will translate well into artwork.  Another idea I have is  to do something with trailing geraniums.  I haven't done more than a background on a canvas because I am afraid that what I envision in my mind won't look a fraction as lovely once I translate it into actual art! This bulldog watercolor and collage was a fun distraction.  It's not like I have to do art for my job so the ideas that pop into my head can sit there forever but they do call to me unless I write them down or work on them. The inside of my head is like a jumble sale and if I don't weed some items out there isn't any room to add new information. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Lace Hummingbirds and Some Great Advice from Deep Sea Creatures

I had the idea to make Lace Hummingbirds. Originally I thought I would use lace patterned doilies but found that to be too messy when trying to keep them within the tiny body size of a hummingbird. I had lace stencils though, so I used them and the photos below are of what turned out. The neat thing about painting animals and other creatures with eyes is that when the eyes are painted that is the moment that the animal seems to come to life. I am working on making little frames for each of these pieces and I'm touching up the hummingbirds themselves. I found an old children's book about hummingbirds and decided it would be perfect for collage work on the frames. It always feels hard to cut into an old book but I think they were meant to be enjoyed and that doesn't always mean sitting on a shelf. I am so excited that I was accepted into the Doylestown Hospital Artwalk.  It is a beautiful hallway art gallery.  When I first walked through it I felt like I was in a solarium filled with art and  I just had to communicate with the directors.  I submitted my 6 series piece about one woman's life and story (posted on a previous blog entry) but they only wanted 4 pieces and couldn't use the piece with the topless women! They liked the hummingbirds and, whenever someone likes my art, I am so grateful so I quickly said yes to submitting the birds.
  Today I listened to The Jealous Curator's interview with Jenny Brown.  It is so validating to hear Jenny and the show's host, Danielle Krysa, talk about sticking with the art you think is beautiful.  That doesn't mean not taking feedback and it is always good to continue to improve upon your style, though.   Jenny uses vintage papers and other ephemeral items to collage with her sea creatures (who are also very ephemeral).  People in the art world told her to change her style or used the word "crafty" which isn't necessarily a positive description in the art world, I suppose.  She realized that what one enjoys drawing and creating is what one is meant to do and over time the right stage for that artwork will appear. It has worked out for her and  I promise I'm not stalking Jenny!  There is just something about her art that makes me so happy. It is so other-worldly beautiful!

Monday, March 13, 2017

My art made it into a magazine!

I've submitted art to many "calls to artists".  I have only officially started identifying myself as an artist (in my own head at least).  I am sure I haven't worked at getting my art out there for half as long or half as hard as so many other artists.  I do know that everyone has to start sometime and it is challenging to find different publications looking for art submissions and to create different artwork based on whether the calls are for specific themes. Some publications let you know when your submissions have been chosen and some don't. I was so surprised when I got the most recent issue of Just Mixed Media magazine in the mail and saw "Burlington Rooftops" in the table of contents! Two photos of my artwork made it into the magazine. It's exciting to see your own art in print and to know that someone (other than yourself) likes your artwork. I love reading other artists' stories and feel proud of other artists when they get continued success in their art career and dreams. All art makes the world better. Everyone has different tastes and varied styles speak to different people. I know I'm not writing anything that hasn't been written before. It can't be said enough though. Art makes the world more beautiful. Art makes people feel special.  Art gives people confidence and a sense of purpose. I'm thankful to be able to create art and to find healing in it. Art adds sparkle to this world and artists scatter it. Every day needs glitter in it.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Jenny Brown's art

I found the artwork of Jenny Brown and I just love it all. She paints pictures of flora, fauna and undersea creatures. I decided to order one of her prints and it was hard to choose which one!  Her work can be found at or on her website:

Above is the print I chose and it looks so lovely hanging up. This picture does not do it justice.  I would love to see a whole show of these colorful beauties. I can only imagine what it must be like deep under the sea if these are the creatures who live there. Thank you, Jenny, for adding such loveliness to the world. 


The above 6 pictures are a series.  They depict a woman over her lifetime.  She starts out as a little girl with only a few pages from her "story" and on each piece her book pages get thicker.  The last picture is at the end of the woman's life.  Her book has fallen and some of the pages have scattered and blown up toward the girl on the upper right side. The woman still has a few pages she is still holding onto though. The verse that is written across the 6 pieces reads "All this time/while I thought/I was writing/my story/I was also adding/pages to hers." These are some of my most favorite artwork that I've done. 

Fairy girls

This is artwork I made for my lovely coworker, Cathy.  She asked for something about fairies for her granddaughters and this is what came about after I sat at my art desk and started to create. I didn't make it all in one sitting or one day.  I find that it's helpful to step away even if it means I have to tear myself away from working on something.  When I look upon what I've made so far, I see things I didn't notice before or come up with an idea that I think is better than what I originally planned. This was fun to make-anything with fairies involved is! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Cure

My most recent piece of art.  I found this vintage picture in an pld magazine.  It reminded me of the changing times between then and now and that the expectation for all girls isn't "to find a husband" anymore. I am sure there are many people who think that is the ultimate goal for women, but hopefully that will continue to change! The woman getting married in this piece is sending her wishes (the dandelions fluttering behind her) to the little flower girl. Her wishes are for the little girl to know that she can do so many things before she decides whether she wants to walk down the aisle or not.  The stepping stones the flower girl is walking on are books that relate to this same theme. The quote is by Edith Wharton. I was listening to a podcast about "spinsters" and heard this quote. I think it is perfect because it includes the feeling of contentment whether sharing a life/home space with or without another person. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

I love this artist!

I stumbled across the artwork of Este MacLeod and I love her work!

Isn't this beautiful? She writes a word or words on the canvas and then uses that to create a background.  Then she paints in the negative space to create the flowers. I tried to pain in her style and I found it so difficult! I'm not used to acrylics so that made it a bit foreign as well. 

Etsy Shop

I decided to just take a chance to see if any of the art I've made is something people will want to buy. There are some pieces I like much more than others. Also, the art doesn't look the same in pictures. It's hard to see the detail, words and to see the sparkle! If anyone is interested, the shop is KCVartwork.  Etsy requires all shop names to be one word-or atleast no spaces in the name. I wanted the shop to be called the same title as my blog but it looked weird as one long word.

I've entered some artwork into a few different calls for art and so far, haven't been chosen for any. I feel discouraged at times because I don't have anyone to give me guidance and the places who have the calls for art don't give feedback on why art wasn't chosen. I'm reading a book by Madeline L'Engle and she wrote that she received many many rejection letters-enough to wallpaper her walls. I cannot even compare myself to someone of her talent, so I suppose I have many more rejection emails to go.  Chosen entries is not the reason for creating art-just a fun bonus. I really enjoy the process of making art and the thrill of an idea. I have one piece I am working on now and I haven't been able to get past a certain part of it. I'm letting it stew for a while and will see what happens.

** Thank you to the lovely Shannon Swain Paul for being my first Etsy customer. Even if I don't sell another piece, I am forever appreciative of her kindness in giving me the feeling that my art is worth buying!
Here is the piece she bought:

Family Dinner-we all think our families are "normal"!