Sunday, February 12, 2017

Etsy Shop

I decided to just take a chance to see if any of the art I've made is something people will want to buy. There are some pieces I like much more than others. Also, the art doesn't look the same in pictures. It's hard to see the detail, words and to see the sparkle! If anyone is interested, the shop is KCVartwork.  Etsy requires all shop names to be one word-or atleast no spaces in the name. I wanted the shop to be called the same title as my blog but it looked weird as one long word.

I've entered some artwork into a few different calls for art and so far, haven't been chosen for any. I feel discouraged at times because I don't have anyone to give me guidance and the places who have the calls for art don't give feedback on why art wasn't chosen. I'm reading a book by Madeline L'Engle and she wrote that she received many many rejection letters-enough to wallpaper her walls. I cannot even compare myself to someone of her talent, so I suppose I have many more rejection emails to go.  Chosen entries is not the reason for creating art-just a fun bonus. I really enjoy the process of making art and the thrill of an idea. I have one piece I am working on now and I haven't been able to get past a certain part of it. I'm letting it stew for a while and will see what happens.

** Thank you to the lovely Shannon Swain Paul for being my first Etsy customer. Even if I don't sell another piece, I am forever appreciative of her kindness in giving me the feeling that my art is worth buying!
Here is the piece she bought:

Family Dinner-we all think our families are "normal"!

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