Monday, March 13, 2017

My art made it into a magazine!

I've submitted art to many "calls to artists".  I have only officially started identifying myself as an artist (in my own head at least).  I am sure I haven't worked at getting my art out there for half as long or half as hard as so many other artists.  I do know that everyone has to start sometime and it is challenging to find different publications looking for art submissions and to create different artwork based on whether the calls are for specific themes. Some publications let you know when your submissions have been chosen and some don't. I was so surprised when I got the most recent issue of Just Mixed Media magazine in the mail and saw "Burlington Rooftops" in the table of contents! Two photos of my artwork made it into the magazine. It's exciting to see your own art in print and to know that someone (other than yourself) likes your artwork. I love reading other artists' stories and feel proud of other artists when they get continued success in their art career and dreams. All art makes the world better. Everyone has different tastes and varied styles speak to different people. I know I'm not writing anything that hasn't been written before. It can't be said enough though. Art makes the world more beautiful. Art makes people feel special.  Art gives people confidence and a sense of purpose. I'm thankful to be able to create art and to find healing in it. Art adds sparkle to this world and artists scatter it. Every day needs glitter in it.

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