Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Converge Gallery


   The Converge Gallery in Westport, PA is currently running a show called Zeitgeist. I decided to take a chance and entered my artwork The Harmony of Dark and Light.  I didn't create it with the intention of having a political zeitgeist theme but it fits perfectly.  I am so excited that my art was chosen.  Go to the homepage of the gallery website to see the other art in the exhibit. There are some neat pieces.

Here is the link to the artwork on the Converge Gallery's website:

Statement: Mixed media is always right.  Every texture, layer and color chosen become part of the final piece of art. What doesn’t initially appear right becomes a layer that builds up to the final work of art. The mixed media art I create combines themes of the present and includes pictures of the past.  The combination of the two is compatible because many of the themes of today are not new-they are just a different variation. I believe that art sends messages and speaks to people.  Perhaps a different viewpoint of a familiar theme will speak to someone in an unexpected way.  Who knows where that can lead?

The “The Harmony of Dark and Light” addresses the emotional state of many Americans regarding current political activity.  Perhaps by embracing and nourishing both the dark and the light sides of ourselves and the world in general, we will determine how to move forward so we can all live in a state of harmony. 

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