Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Witching Hour

This is a late post about a really neat show in Doylestown.  It was a fun night and I loved viewing all the artwork.  Many of the artists were in attendance and there were also some creative costumes. I feel special to have been a part of this show. The art I displayed is below.
I found this photo at an antique store and couldn't put it down.  This girl spoke to me in an eerie way.  She reminded me of one of my daughter's if she lived another life before her present one. I held on to this picture for a long time before I figured out what her role in the art world would be.  When I look through boxes of old photos I want to release all the people who are captured in time there. I want their existence to be out in the world and not confined to a dusty box. I don't always know where each person's photo will end up so I look at the photos alot.  Some end up in a piece and the rest remain together until their turn arrives.  While these vintage images wait together I like to imagine that they are mingling in a way they never did in real life. 

I created this piece specifically for the show. I am still in my women as vessels phase so I wanted to make one that was spooky. There are many details in this image that I hope you will be able to see if you enlarge the image. The clouds across her eyes are to add an ethereal effect. I wanted her to have an Elizabethan style about her and that is reflected in her collar and head dress. I always loved the wedding dress of Lucy Westinra in the Dracula movie with Winona Ryder. The collar of her dress came to mind while I was creating this piece. 

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